The goals of Allegany Center of Lifelong Learning (ALLCOLL) include enriching participant’s perspective through the acquisition of knowledge, development of new skills and hearing diverse views. It will provide opportunities for adults to satisfy their thirst for fresh thinking.

ALLCOLL will provide presenters well versed in a wide range of topics. Discussion groups will allow attendees to explore topics of common interest and give voice to what is on their minds. Over time participants’ interests will suggest areas for future programs.

The group welcomes input on a wide variety of topics. We hope to think out of the box. Who among you has experience to share? Subjects could be as far afield as art, science, government, foreign diplomacy, music, banking, natural resources, alternative energy, geology, civil engineering, languages, surveying, GPS, FAA, outer space, reservation systems, the internet, internet history, smart phones, smart phone apps, personal computers, personal computer history, dance, Unix, to name but a very few.

This is an all volunteer group. Would you like to join us? Let us hear from you.

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